Freud Easy Set Router Bit Height Gauge

Easy-Set 13 Different Freud® Router Bits

How many times have you been frustrated trying to set you lock miter bit to the correct cutting height? How many test cuts would you have to make? How much wasted time and material would you have?®

Now, with the new Easy Set for Freud® router bits you can position your router bit perfectly the first time, every time, in any thickness of wood - from 23/32" (3/4" plywood) to 1-3/16" thick stock. Once your Easy Set and router bit is aligned you will set your router fence accordingly. The Easy Set is made of a special compressed plastic that will not distort and comes with the capability to set the exact height of eight different router bit profiles which means it will cover 13 different Freud® bits. Five of those bits are the hardest ones to set up: baby lock miter bit, 22 1/2 deg. lock bit, large lock miter bit, drawer lock bit and the reverse glue joint bit. The other three are our most popular bits: glass panel cope cutter, all four types of stile & rail cope cutter, and all three types of raised panel bits with back cutter. Because the stile and rail bits along with the panel bits all use the top of the bit to set the height the Easy Set only needs one profile to cover all the panel bits and one profile to cove all the cope bits.

**Easy Set adjusts to any material thickness from 23/32" to 1-3/16"

Works with selected Freud® router bits only.


Freud Easy-Set Instructions.


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Easy-Set Router Bit Height Gauge
For Freud® Router Bits